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The Giant's Stepway

Two giants, a fight and columnar basalt: these could be the protagonists of a hypothetical legend that in its own way traces the story of the Giant's Causeway in County Antrim in Ireland. Here, in the province of Rome, the giants are two countries, Cerveteri (with its necropolis, a Unesco heritage site and an exceptional testimony of the Etruscan civilization) and Bracciano, in the past in conflict with each other and today united by a magnificent hiking route made of waters, ditches and fields; the columnar basalt is the story of a past volcanism and the cause of wonderful waterfalls but perhaps in our imagination it could be something more.

You just have to choose which side to stand on ... Several possibilities to cross and get to know this long corridor that opens between the two countries and a single common denominator: water and its splendid jumps.

So, let's decide our starting country, our path to follow and ... are you ready to create your own story?

Full Day
T/E - Touristic - Excursionistic Itinerary - Difficulty of the route is between easy and medium
T: Itinerary on small roads, mule tracks or wide paths; the routes are generally not long, do not present any orientation problems and do not require a specific training if not the typical one of the walk. It develops in the immediate vicinity of towns, tourist resorts, communication routes and is of particular interest for easy cultural or tourist-recreational walks.<br>E: Itinerary on paths or evident traces in various types of land (pastures, debris, scree ...) a decent physical training is required to tackle walks of even a few hours.

Accessibility and limitations

Suitable for families with children
There are simple routes for young and old. However, the use of prams and pushchairs is not recommended
Not suitable for pets
Pets not allowed
Trails are not accessible to all
The type of land does is not suitable for people with disabilities or reduced mobility

Informations and booking form

Note: Only contact information is required to request a reservation.
The date and number of participants can be defined later.
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To book or ask for further information, you can contact me via this form, using the appropriate space in the contact area or by phone, sms or Whatsapp at +39 3470126336 or by email by writing to

For the reservation it is necessary to specify the date and place chosen, the number of participants, provide a contact name and a telephone number.
It will be my care to contact you to compose your personalized adventure together.

Warning: in the event of adverse weather conditions, the program may vary, be postponed or canceled. Participants will be informed in time and any participation fees already paid will be refunded.

Please note: please specify any allergy, food intolerance or celiac disease situations.


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