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Silent footsteps
Hermitages and abbeys

Lonely places, far from the noise of the city, immersed in uncontaminated nature, here retired those who intended to dedicate themselves to a life of penance, contemplation and prayer. Very ancient structures sometimes perched on the mountains, sometimes hidden among caves: true masterpieces of engineering and architecture that have defied the forces of nature for centuries

An experience for all lovers of nature, adventure, to savor peace and silence and listen to your footsteps: a day of vacation for the spirit!

Laghetto di San Benedetto (Subiaco) Le acque dell'Aniene Tritone crestato italiano (Triturus carnifex) Arco di Trevi Interno dell'Eremo di San Girolamo Eremo di San Girolamo (Vetralla) Faggeta di Monte Fogliano L'uomo e la Natura Asini in libertà (Vallerano) Interno dell'Eremo di San Leonardo Pipistrello Addormentato ( nessun flash è stato utilizzato per scattare questa foto ) Eremo di San Leonardo (Vallerano)

Faggio in Viaggio

Faggio in Viaggio organizes customized excursions for small groups of half or full day with a dedicated Environmental Guide.