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Something about Faggio in Viaggio

Hi, I'm Elena

I'm an Environmental Hiking Guide and an environmental education and education operator, graduated in Geological Sciences in 2004.

I started the activity as Environmental Giking Guide as AIGAE member, collaborating with the main protagonists of the Lazio panorama.
This allowed me to train myself through direct experience in the field and to deepen the knowledge of places that are outside the classical itineraries but which preserve a wealth of natural, historical, archaeological and cultural, of the highest thickness.

What is Faggio in Viaggio ?

Faggio in Viaggio is a challenge for me: to bring this richness to those who want to get out of the urban tourism schemes of Rome, through a careful selection of proposals that aim to surprise and pamper the visitor.
Each proposals is designed to offer a visit to a place considered unique in the world for its peculiarity, reaching each destination with easy excursions, not to obscure the taste of experience with fatigue, without forgetting the most typical aspects of the area that , being in Italy and in Lazio, obligatorily involve characteristic gastronomic experiences.

Faggio in Viaggio is history, nature, adventure, time travel, in areas inhabited since the dawn of time but still retains its charm and its wild nature intact.

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