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An Adventure to taste

Your trip to Rome is not complete without visiting the cradle that generated its culture and gave rise to its legend. The surroundings of Rome are projected well over the 2800 years of the capital, towards a remote time where heroes, men and gods was trampling the same soil. Those places are a veritable treasure of biodiversity and despite being custodians of spectacular scenarios and stories, the majority of visitors don't know them and doesn't venture beyond the borders of Rome.

Faggio in Viaggio will be your guide on this journey through time leading you across paths and experiences that will touch all of your five senses, leading you along paths to unique places in the world, in a living and luxuriant nature that continually changes its appearance: a nature rich of myths and legends, which is both an accomplice and an enemy of the populations that have inhabited it and that still coexist in it.

At a slow pace, abandoning the chaos of Rome, you will discover unique and genuine flavors of tradition: enchanting memories to take home.

Every season you choose, there will be a path for you to follow: only then you'll know that your journey will be truly complete, rediscovering the taste for adventure that will make you want to never leave these places anymore.

Simple itineraries, at a slow pace.
Simple itineraries, at a slow pace
Routes suitable for everyone. An opportunity to be together ... an adventure to remember.
Pages of history to be discovered on foot.
Pages of history to be discovered on foot
Enter a time machine that will catapult you into past ages!
Unforgettable places
Unforgettable places
To be kept in memories and ... in a click. Get your camera ready!
Special Encounters along the trails
Special Encounters along the trails
Follow the tracks ... and who knows what we'll found
Nature to live
Nature to live
A biodiversity to know, to be able to taste and love it
Gastronomic experiences
Gastronomic experiences
A taste of a local product to make your stomach enjoy too ... and that place will become unforgettable!
Proposals in the spotlight
Choose between the
A path through time
Welcome to Etruria !


Follow the themes that inspire you the most or let me suggest new discoveries.

Each theme collects a group of suggestions.

Where time has stopped.
Where time has stopped
Ghost Towns
Silent footsteps.
Silent footsteps
Hermitages and abbeys
Along the Blue Gold's paths.
Along the Blue Gold's paths

Faggio in Viaggio

Faggio in Viaggio organizes customized excursions for small groups of half or full day with a dedicated Environmental Guide.