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Il paese di Bomarzo, una piramide, dei mostri giganti, mulini e antichi resti e una forra con le sue cascate: questi gli ingredienti per trascorrere una giornata alla scoperta di ciò che natura e uomo sono in grado di creare insieme in perfetta sintonia.

Semplici escursioni ci condurranno ad esplorare i dintorni di Bomarzo e a scoprirne piccoli tesori immersi in una natura avvolgente, in cui l’uomo da sempre ha trovato dimora e rifugio.

E' possibile concludere la giornata nel Parco dei Mostri, dove potrete "perdervi" nella villa delle meraviglie, giocando com mostri giganti, creature mistiche e costruzioni dagli strani effetti ottici.

Un'intera giornata per camminare, scoprire e... "sfogare il cor"!

Full day.
Touristic - Excursionistic Itinerary (T/E)

Difficulty of the route is between easy and medium
T: Itinerary on small roads, mule tracks or wide paths; the routes are generally not long, do not present any orientation problems and do not require a specific training if not the typical one of the walk. It develops in the immediate vicinity of towns, tourist resorts, communication routes and is of particular interest for easy cultural or tourist-recreational walks.
E: Itinerary on paths or evident traces in various types of land (pastures, debris, scree ...) a decent physical training is required to tackle walks of even a few hours.

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Informations and bookings

For booking or asking for further information it's possible to contact me via this form or by phone, text message or Whatsapp at + 39 3470126336 or by email to faggioinviaggio@gmail.com and either via Facebook Messenger App For the reservation it is necessary to specify the date and the itinerary chosen, the number of participants , provide a reference name and a telephone number .

Pay attention: in case of bad weather conditions the program can be subjected to changes, postponed or canceled.
Participants will be informed in good time and any participation fees already paid will be reimbursed.

Notes: if you decide to use the gastronomic experience, please specify possible situations of allergies, food intolerances or celiac disease .
By selecting the transport check you will be put in touch with the partners of Faggio in Viaggio, who will take care to withdraw you to your accommodation and bring you back at the end of the day.

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Full day
190.00 €
V.A.T. and taxes included
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